Vehicle Remarketing (Used Lease Sales)

Savings from ACT's acquisition cost benefit is just the first step in reducing fleet expenses on the front end.  But, by getting the maximum value for your vehicle at the end of the lease, you maximize money on the back end.  Unlike other leasing companies, we have a massive national network of local and internet dealers to insure top dollar for your vehicle.  We evaluate each vehicle individually to determine which type of sale will bring the greatest return for your lease. This avenues of sale includes our internet re-marketing, automotive auctions, new and used car dealerships, wholesalers and other fleet businesses. 

Due to our long term relationship in this business, the ACT name commands more money for your vehicle.  With ACT Leasing's re-marketing program, the higher vehicle resale values translate to higher residuals for closed end leases and lower depreciation for open-end leases as well adding more to your bottom line.  We take the time the time to select the best resource of sale for your vehicle right down to it's own "putting the hand on the fender" approach that distinguishes us from our competition.