Closed-end lease "No Risk"

Closed-end leases, sometimes called "walk-away" leases, are most common for consumer leases today. This type of lease allows you to simply return your vehicle at the end of the lease and have no other responsibilities other than excessive damage or mileage charges.

Closed-end leases are based on the concept that the number of miles you drive annually is fairly predictable (12,000 miles per year is typical), that the vehicle will not be driven in rough or abusive conditions, and that its value at the end of the lease (the residual) is therefore somewhat predictable.  Unlike dealership leases that restrict you to a certain amount of months and miles, we can lease as little as 12 months, and have no restrictions on miles per year.  Simply let us know the amount you drive and we can create a lease solution for you.

At the time you lease, ACT leasing estimates the vehicle's lease-end residual value based on the expected number of driven miles. If the vehicle is actually worth less than the residual when you turn it in, the leasing company takes the financial hit, not you. This is why we help you choose vehicles with the highest residuals and lease terms to work with your budgets and driving needs.