Fleet Maintenance Management Program

With ACT's Vehicle Fleet Maintenance Management Program we can custom tailored programs to meet Lessees time and mileage needs.  Whether it is a small fleet of 5 vehicles or 100,  ACT Leasing can help control your fleet needs saving you time organizing, negotiating and maintaining all your company vehicles.  We offer full guaranteed managed care of your fleet at a budgeted reserve program.  ACT Leasing puts close personal supervision on maintenance expense costs to extend vehicle life and enhance resale value.   Each driver is given a 24 hour toll free number that will direct your vehicle in need to the nearest service facility.  We have accounts with our 50,000 sites (Goodyear, Firestone, Jiffylube) and vast dealer networks.  All maintenance expenses, including oil, antifreeze, adjustment, towing and servicing shall be paid by ACT.  For larger fleets - we offer Fleet fuel cards can be setup on behalf of our Universal Fuel Credit Program.

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